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A weekly Economic newsletter presenting key analytical articles published in international sources analyzing the most pressing issues of the week of interest to investors and key decision makers.

The Russian Gazette

A monthly newsletter that is dedicated to the economic and political developments of the Russian Federation. It focuses on providing a deep insight of the Russian president Vladimir Putin’s political and socio-economic approaches. It also offers an analysis of important international debates with a specific concentration on Russian issues.

Abu Dhabi Food CPI

A monthly newsletter reporting the inflation and CPI index of food items in Abu Dhabi City. The analysis is based on a food basket including around 230 food items and non-alcoholic beverages distributed over 10 categories. The sediments of the index are based on the food basket of the 2007 survey of household income and expenditure conducted by the MoE and officially considered to be the base year for inflation and CPI calculations until now.

Daily News

A daily news monitor covering the key economic, banking & finance, and real estate news of the UAE and the GCC region.