Business Analytics

To keep you up to speed with the forces shaping your market, whether it is your products’ benefits, the attitude of your customer service staff, or the influence of your competitors in the market, we pride ourselves in offering you comprehensive market insights through in-depth primary and secondary research.

Our thorough analysis maps the existing products and services offered in your market, along with their main features and differentiating factors. In parallel, you’ll also discover what customers are demanding most, and what drives their choice.

Our recommendations can help you reshape your product offering, enhance your market position and ultimately improve your bottom-line.

You’ll also get access to assistance in capitalizing on your marketing strategy which will enable you to choose the most appropriate channels for distribution, promotion and public relations efforts.

Among other things, competitive analysis will help you identify your main competitors, their market share, and their strengths & weaknesses. You’ll also receive a detailed outline of their offerings and main promotional channels and selling points.

Our perception analysis service helps you understand how your target market views and values your company. If necessary, our team can conduct a deep dive into demographic perceptions of public policies or other socio-economic topics.

Whether you’re looking to assess your customers’ satisfaction, your products’ qualities or simply testing the waters to see whether your clients are looking to switch over to a competitor, we offer you an unbiased evaluation.

Through a combination surveys (online and face-to-face) and focus group discussions, you’ll earn a better understanding of how costumers feel about your products, if they’re planning to switch to another brand or product, along with why and where.

Have you run a new advertising campaign lately and are looking to assess its impact and effectiveness on raising your brand awareness in the market?

We are here to give an accurate analysis of your campaign likeability, relevance, clarity and ease of remembrance by your target audience.