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We offer strategic and independent advisory services to help accelerate public sector competitiveness and development. The advice is based on benchmarking with successful and tested models, internationally and regionally, while balancing local private sector concerns and public sector interests.

Economic Research

At Multiply Research & Consultancy, our team of experienced economists provide in-depth economic research rich with specific indicators and thorough analysis to help you stay up-to-date with all the latest news.

Public Policy Monitoring

Understanding a state’s agenda with regard to pension policy or labor market policy can often be a challenging affair. Our public policy specialists can help you unpack the details of a specific government agenda and assist you in understanding its wider societal implications.

The Monitor Panel

Our monitoring services will provide a diligent analysis of business and government spending, FDI flows, GDP, exchange rates, stock market performance, and CPI of any country in the world. Such a comprehensive survey will provide a deeper understanding of the socio-economic & political landscape for any actor - government or private - looking to operate in that country.