Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research

To keep you attuned with the forces shaping your market, whether it is your products’ benefits, the attitude of your customer service or the influence your competitors are gaining in the market, we provide you with accurate and comprehensive market insights through consumer surveys, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping and focus groups.

Market Gap Analysis

Our thorough analysis maps the existing products offered in the market along with their main features and product differentiating factors. Concomitantly, we also identify what customers are demanding most, and the reasons behind their choice.

Our recommendations can help you reshape your product, optimize your positioning in the market and maximize your sales and revenue.

We can also assist you in capitalizing on your marketing strategy and enable you to choose the most appropriate channels for your distribution, promotion and public relation efforts.

Competitive Analysis

Among other things, our competitive analysis reports help you identify your main competitors' market share, strengths and weaknesses, and turnover. Moreover, we also outline the structure of their offerings, their pricing strategy, as well as their main promotional channels and unique selling points.

Perception Analysis

Our perception analysis services help you understand how your target market sees and values you or simply how a specific demographic thinks and feels about specific topics in politics, economics, education or public policy in general.

Location Analysis

Our location analysis services help you determine your primary and secondary catchment areas with a detailed demographic, psychographic and socio-economic profiling of your next door neighbors, and their neighbors.

Pricing Strategy

Whatever your objective, we can help ensure you achieve your goal. Through rigorous market research, close evaluation of substitute products, competitors, and complementary goods, we can advise on the best price suitable for your product in order to help you reach your end-goal.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Whether you are looking to assess your customers’ satisfaction, your products’ qualities or simply testing the waters to see whether your clients are looking to switch to your competitors, we provide you with an unbiased evaluation of your current status.

Through a combination of surveys and focus groups we help you understand how many - if any - of your customers are planning to switch, why they might be switching, and to whom they might be considering moving.

Employee Satisfaction & Loyalty

Our employee satisfaction and loyalty analysis helps you gain insights on how motivated your employees are, what are the aspects of the job that stress them most, and if they are considering a career shift or not.

Campaigns Monitoring & Evaluation

Have you run a new advertising campaign lately and are looking to assess its impact and effectiveness on raising your brand awareness in the market?

We are here to give an accurate analysis of your campaign likeability, relevance, clarity and ease of remembrance by your target audience.

Branding Monitoring

Looking to choose a name and a brand personality for your new company or product and not sure how your customers will react to it?

Our branding services will help you build an irresistible brand and test how your target market will feel and think about it.